Values and Ethical Decision Making.

Values and Ethical Decision Making.

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Values and Ethical Decision Making
Pablo X. Burgos, Lally de Jesús, Melissa Quiroga & Roberto Ramos
University of Phoenix
Management / MGT 521
July 19, 2011
Prof. Elsie Y. Jiménez

Values and Ethical Decision Making

Every company should have a mission and vision defined. There are many companies around the world. Any company that would like to make the difference has to follow some specific rules and guides to succeed in the 21st century. It is important to consider some aspects individually, i.e. culture, language, company organization, etc. Organizational, personal and ethical values should be present in every company. If possible, expertise in these areas should be part of the company, i.e. human resources team.
Organizational values are abstract ideas that guide every action in your company. When it comes to culture and values, actions are more important than words. Establish written rules, guidelines, policies and procedures are the priority at any organization to avoid misunderstandings and lawsuits. Company needs to define and establish their organizational values, which are an extension of stakeholder personal values at the organization. It is important to educate their workforce company mission, vision and goals, every employee is important and everyone needs to follow the rules and commit to organization values. Personal values (input) will define a company and their product (output). Ethical values are hand-to-hand to company’s organizational values, this has to be clear and everyone has to work parallel to it. The company has to provide employees their job description and ethical obligations in order to achieve harmony with organization ethics and values. Ethical values varies are not the same for every one and sometimes there is a big difference between employees and corporate that’s why is important for every organization not only to establish them but to discuss them with employees. Ethical values can help in every process of your...

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