Values the Novel Emphazises

Values the Novel Emphazises

What are three (3) values that the novel emphasizes? Explain the three values you choose. How do they apply to the character and actions in this novel? Cite two (2) specific events or incidents that supports EACH value on which you focus.

Three values that the novel emphasizes are bravery, shame, and devotion. Bravery is when someone can overcome their fears or something they were ashamed of in the past. I also feel that it has to develop, for one cannot be born with braveness in their heart because they do not know their fears. One must know what they are truly afraid of and have the courage to go after it. It can also mean you have the strength to recognize that you are shameful of something and you over come that shamefulness in due time. Shame is when people look upon you with disgrace. Some are born out of disgrace because of their parents, but for many, they have to do something wrong in order to be considered disgraceful. Devotion is something that one cannot simply acquire. One must know the person and have some sort of connection when they are devoted. In this essay, I will discuss how bravery, disgrace, and devotion apply to the character and their actions in the novel.

Bravery applies to Hester Prynne by her finally being able to interact with the town socially. She may not go to social gatherings, but she is able to talk to Mistress Hibbins. Make my excuse to him, so please you! (p.107). This shows that she is able to interact a little with the people of the town, even if it is another outcast. This applies to Hester by seeing that Hester can interact with some people without seeming like she is an outcast. You can see her actions were through bravery.

You can see how she sews with great pride and does it with ease not worrying what the magistrate will think of the glove. When the poor people shun her when she tries to offer clothing, she flings it off. Hester isnt afraid to...

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