Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts
1. Wooden Stakes only paralyze a Vampire, they do not kill them.

2. Vampires sleep in a freezer, not a coffin or on a bed.

3. Sunlight. Vampires can be in the sunlight, but too much direct sunlight can weaken their healing ability and kill them.

4. They have super sonic Vampire hearing. Approximatly a 1 mile radius. Also includes telling if someone is breathing or not.

5. Their sight is also heightened. They can see things from a great distance.

6. They have superspeed abilities.

7. They can not transform into a bat.

8. They can jump extremely far distances in any direction.

9. If a Vampire is injured too badly, they need the help of blood to heal.

10. They have super strength.

11. They make for great trackers.

12. They have the ability to smell the past or take a glimpse into the future.

13. A Vampire's Sire is responsible for whoever they turn to help them through the transition.

14. Vampire relationships involvng Sires. Some are good. Some are bad.

15. Newly turned Vampires are like feral kittens. If they arent properly taught they can turn rogue and become a danger to other vampires. If this happens, then the Feral Vampire must be killed.

16. The only two ways a Vampire can not heal from their injuries are if they literally loose their head, or fire.

17. Silver is like poison to Vampires.

18. They can sense other Vampires, and also tell appoximately how long they've been a Vampire by how strong their scent of decay is. This is also how a vampire can tell if anohter vampires been around a human.

19. Garlic has no effect on Vampires.

20. Crosses are more of a fashion statement if they prefer that sorta thing.

21. Holy water just gets them wet.

22. The best type of blood for a Vampire to consume is a childs blood that matches their own blood type.

23. Vampires have the ability to smell the difference between male and female DNA/Blood, and taste the difference in blood type....

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