Variation of Sociability Based on Gender

Variation of Sociability Based on Gender

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1. Abstract
This study aims at investigating the influence of gender on the socializing ability of people. A survey on sociability was conducted to gather the perceptions of people of both genders in certain situations requiring certain social traits to be displayed. In a nutshell the results of the survey portray that men and women are equally good at being social animals. The report concludes that gender has little influence on the socializing characteristics of man.

2. Introduction
The Oxford Dictionary defines the term “sociable” as “fond of spending time with other people”. Generally, girls and boys are reared differently as is evident in the pattern followed by the traditional Indian family. The process of gender sensitization begins right from early childhood, where the girl is restricted from activities boys freely enjoy, like staying out late night, visits to friends' houses or even going for movies without a family member. This differentiation prepares the individual for the roles he or she is to play, providing him or her with the necessary repertoire of habits, beliefs, and values, the appropriate patterns of emotional response and the modes of perception, the requisite skills and knowledge. This kind of gender differentiation eventually leads to men becoming more sociable in nature than women do. Rightly so I have come up with the hypothesis, “If sociability is related to gender then men is more social than women."

Sociability is an important trait any human should possess. In our day to day life we meet many strangers who would remain to be strangers had this trait not been in us. We collaborate at work, befriend strangers and build our contacts; in doing all these there is some common need which we sate. That is the need to socialize.

3. Investigation Method
The investigation uses the Survey Method, and the Survey Tool used was the Questionnaire. The respondents who took part in the survey included people right from the suburbs of...

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