Variety of Family Involvement

Variety of Family Involvement

EDU 131
Test 2
Variety of Family Involvement

In the book Home, School and community relations pages 232 – 233.

There are 6 types of involvement for parents:

1. Communicating
2. volunteering
3. Supporting learning at home
4. Decision making
5. Collaborating with the community
6. Parenting

1a. Communication is a vital part of any kind of relationship. There are several ways to communicate in child care. Sign in and out sheet. Parents are saying they have left their child at the facility at a certain time and picked them up at a certain time. The teacher is responding they have received the child from the parent at a certain time and returned the child to the parent at a certain time. The parent handbook is also a type of communication. In a few pages the parent is told the child care’s policies. Such as: Admission requirements, the daily schedule, hours of operation and all fees. Attendance policy, late pick ups, health and safety regulations. The handbook also informs parents of any items they may have to supply, (change of clothes), and ways they, the parent can be involved in the child care activities. A bulletin board is also a wonderful way to communicate with parents. Posting important dates, meetings, birthday months, etc.

2a. Volunteering is the one thing every facility would like to have more of. Parents want to be involved in their child’s development but seem to have no time to spare. Volunteering does not have to mean parent come to the classroom. It simply means parent doing something that would benefit the facility and add to the children’s lives. Volunteering can be done at home at the parents own leisure. The teacher will supply the tape recorder and a blank cassette. All the parent has to do is read a story in the microphone of the cassette. Return the cassette with the story on it and the teacher will let the children listen to the parent read them a story. How great is that!? Volunteering...

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