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evidence of a personality. Animals contain biological characteristics, but

that does not qualify them as a person. It takes more than ten days after the

fertilization for the conceptus to become anything more than a hollow ball of

cells. During the first week, it is free-floating and not even attached to the

uterine wall. Not until the beginning of the fourth week does a heart begin to

beat, and then it is two-chambered like that of a fish. Not until the end of

the fifth week is there evidence of the beginning of formation of the cerebral

hemispheres, and they are merely hollow bubbles of cells. The possession of

forty-six chromosomes does not make a cell a person. Most of the cells of your

body contain these forty-six chromosomes, but that does not make a white

corpuscle a person! If possession of forty-six chromosomes make some thing a

person, then it would seem that possession of a different number would make

something else. A personality is formed when a baby has entered the world. It

acts and reacts to situations it is put upon and forms its opinions in that

manner. It is only then that we can consider it a unique person with a unique


II. Is abortion immoral?

Pro-life activists would argue that the taking of a human life is wrong

no matter what the circumstances or in which tri-mester it is done. The

controversy over abortion has avoided the real issue facing today's woman - her

need to grow beyond stereotypes. Whenever an individual or group realizes it

has been treated unjustly, the first reaction is anger, but often the anger is

first expressed as aggression. People outgrowing oppression have so much

stored-up bitterness, so many memories of powerlessness and so little knowledge

of how to make themselves heard, that violence toward others is the result.

The women's movement has been caught up in the...