Vegetarians and Good Health

Vegetarians and Good Health

Vegetarians and Good Health
Stephanie Coronado
National American University


With the health benefits people get from their food, researching a vegetarian diet and a diet containing meat, shows how beneficial a vegetarian diet is to people’s health. In this research a great deal of information has been found in the health status of many adults from different studies pertaining to their consumption and avoidance of meat. The main ideas go in depth through all the qualities a vegetarian diet has from how it affects people’s health through the prevention of disease to the health effects of a non-vegetarian diet. With this information a person can see the benefits of a vegetarian diet and the risk factors involved with a non-vegetarian diet.

People may not put much thought on how nutritious or healthy their meal is if they deem themselves as a healthy individual. People have many different dietary lifestyles and many different opinions on what they perceive as a healthy lifestyle choice. One individual may believe a healthy lifestyle or the correct lifestyle choice would be a diet with an adequate amount of meat while another individual may stay away from meat consumption for their own personal reasons or because they see it as a healthier lifestyle choice. A diet containing meat is a norm for most individuals, for others it isn’t a necessity. It is very possible to see that a vegetarian diet is healthier than a non-vegetarian diet with incidents showing decreases in blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and chronic diseases as well as a longer life span.
Taking a glance at a vegetarian lifestyle and seeing that they get no source of proteins from animals like omnivores do, in no way means that vegetarians are not healthy. There is always a preconceived notion that when a person is a vegetarian, they are not as healthy as a non-vegetarian individual. Some may assume...

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