Not everyone likes the taste of dead animal. It’s the middle of the school day, I’m starving, and all I want is a good lunch. I work nonstop all day, and the only break I get is my fifty minute lunch period. I expect to be able to buy a good meal, regardless that I am a vegetarian.

Teachers are always complaining about their students falling asleep in class, so you would think that our administration would want to provide us with nutritious lunches that can keep us going through the day. They claim that the food they serve in the cafeteria is “healthy” but they are obviously oblivious to the effects that meat has on the body. Studies have shown that vegetarians are 50 percent less likely to develop heart disease and 60 percent less likely to get cancer than meat eaters. Meat eaters are also nine times more likely to be obese than vegetarians.

Sure, there are a few vegetarian options available in the cafeteria. But to be honest, they’re not very good. We pretty much have three main choices – cheese pizza, pizza sticks, or grilled cheese. However, all of these options are handled with the same utensils that are used to handle the meat, and cross contamination is unavoidable. There have been a few times when I’ve just had to close my eyes and hope for the best while biting into my pizza, trying to forget watching the lunch lady use the same knife to cut the pepperoni pizza as she did with the cheese pizza. There’s no chance of me having a true vegetarian meal in this cafeteria. Even the salads are sprinkled with ham.

I’ve been forced to start bringing my own lunch from home, which can be a pain. The days that I forget my lunch, I can’t eat at all because there’s literally nothing meat-free for me to eat in the school cafeteria. It would be great to have a few real, healthy, meatless food options in the cafeteria for the vegetarian and health-conscious members of the student body. There are tons of great meals that could be easily made and served, that I’m...

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