Vehicle Assessor

Vehicle Assessor




Tutor: - Stephen Laughlin
Student: - Cecil Boal


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Introduction 3

Task 1 4-7
The General Role of an Automotive Assessor 4-5
The Qualities That an Assessor Must Posses In Particular
Their Negotiation Skills 5-6
The Overall Responsibilities of a Vehicle Assessor 6-7

Task 2 8-12
The Role of an Expert Witness 8
Bio Mechanist 8-9
Accident investigator 9-10
Metallurgist 11
The Importance of Using a Range of Expert Witnesses 11-12

Task 3 13-14
Initial inspection 13-14

Task 4 15-18
Total Losses 15-16
Salvage Disposal 16-17
Category of Salvage 17-18

Conclusion 19
Bibliography 20


In this assignment I have asked to identify and explain different things to do with vehicle damage assessment. I will put my findings into three different tasks.

For the first task, I will explain the role of a vehicle assessor. I will also evaluate the qualities required for the job paying particular attention why the applicant needs to possess good negotiation skills. Also I will describe the serious responsibilities an automotive assessor has.

For task two of this assignment I will describe the role of an expert witness generally. I will also explain the role of three different types of expert witness which might be used within a single vehicle accident civil law case. I will also evaluate the importance of possibly using a range of expert witnesses within a particular accident civil law case.

For the third task I have been given pictures and information about a damaged vehicle. From the information provided I will provide an accurate assessment of the vehicle damage and cost of repair.

For task four of this assignment I will describe the application of total losses
The correct use of the information and using the proper...

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