Venturing to Enterprise Business

Venturing to Enterprise Business

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1. Introduction
In this report I have been asked to pick an enterprise activity and explain what that activity is. Enterprise is a business venture idea which either involves selling goods or a service.
The enterprise activity I have chosen is a stationary store inside of college. I have chosen this enterprise activity because it will help students that may have forgotten their equipment for lessons and are in need of a piece of equipment. I will also be explaining the methods of investigation I have used and the resources.

2. Main Body
The name for my enterprise activity will be Stationary Stop, the store will be in Wakefield College and sell products such as pencils, folders, pens & paper as well as other stationary that students may need for their lessons. I came up with this idea as I realised that many students at college forget to bring their equipment for lessons or they have lost their pens/pencils while they have been in college. I created a questionnaire and asked students around the college whether they found this type of enterprise activity helpful and if they would use the store, the results I got back were positive and plenty of the students would use the shop and also said it would save them time.

The store will be for everyone who visits the store but will mainly target students, the store will be the only one in the college and will make a profit as the only other place in college where they sell stationary is the library and there is not a wide range of choice for the students. The products will be all different designs, prices and a wide range for them to choose from.

3. Implications
The implications of starting up this enterprise activity may be that there is not enough money to start the activity, for instance may not have enough money to buy all the products that will be needed for the store. Also there may be trouble about the place to sell the products from; the college could change their...

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