vertical roller mill in ultrafine powder application

vertical roller mill in ultrafine powder application

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As a common milling equipment, vertical roller mill is mainly used for barite, calcite, feldspar and insulation material Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3 grade of ore and other non-metallic material milling, high fine powder processing the work environment requires the humidity below 6% in the mineral, non flammable and explosive chemical, construction and other industries more than 280 kinds of materials.

With the wide development of non metallic minerals in ultrafine powder application, milling enterprises of non metallic mineral products of the increasingly high demand. Especially,there are more requirements on the product fineness. This situation makes the traditional milling machine can not meet the industry's anti war, so the emergence of vertical mill advanced equipment. As we look forward to the device, it did not live up to the user, in the product fineness and yield, have greater progress.

In the scope of application, its wide range of special, it is a kind of widely used in mining,cement grinding equipment factory, chemical plant, is one of the important equipment of nonmetallic minerals deep processing. Because of its stable performance, strong adaptability,high ratio of performance to price, since the introduction of Chinese over the years, has been widely used in the processing of non-metallic minerals.

In the use of vertical mill, it has many features and advantages of other mill has not, it is a solid structure, it covers an area of very small, complete and strong, expect finished powder from the block form up an independent production system; the finished powder fineness uniformity, rate of 99% through screening, this is its milling it is difficult to have the equipment.

Vertical milling machine mainframe transmission device adopts closed gearbox and belt wheel, transmission smooth, reliable operation. Moreover, at the time of manufacture, an important part of it is made of high quality steel, wear resistant parts are...

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