Tyler Lewis

Acad. English 12 Pd 8

Mrs. Pityk

September 5 , 2012

College Application

In life we see and hear about so many people that do not feel well , that are in pain , serious

medical conditions or have incurable diseases. I personally have lived through and observed that

happen to a great deal of people and it's very upsetting to me . I want to do something about it and I

want to help those that suffering who need help and attention . There are a lot people that are already

doing this and they are nurses and doctors . I want to join this elite group of people and help to treat

and take care of people . I became aware of the need for nurse when my mother was in the hospital and

had surgery . The need for nurses in the United States increases daily as the life expectancy increases

and more and more people becoming ill increases..

When my mother was in the hospital , I was extremely worried about her because I knew the

surgery would be painful and I knew it would take a long time for her to recover from her surgery . I

decided that when was mom was discharged that I was going to be her care provider . I took care of

helping her change the dressings , gave her her medications . I did my best to help her manage her

pain and make sure that she was ok . I care about her and I didn't like the fact that she was in pain , but

I am glad that I was able to be there for her . Taking great care of my mom is really an interesting and

unique part of who I am .

I want to major in nursing and I chose this profession because I care about the health and well

being of people, just as I care about the health and well being of my mother .I want to be able to help

those who are in need of help . After taking care of my mother following her surgeries , I realized how

much I enjoy taking care of people and I have what it takes to have a career in nursing .My mother also

brought the idea of...

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