Vice President

Vice President

Finding into LOGEX

In the Logex program, there were several issues that I had to manage. First, trying to understand the inputs and what they were trying to explain. I would say the largest issue that I had with the program, and would change as a manager, would have been the ability to read the past data along with the future flow of material that was coming into the facility. This issue with the raw material has been difficult to control because of the cost that can arise and the importance that it plays in the production and all down hill operations.

My first attempt at running trials with the program was to use a forecast and keep all the numbers generally consistent throughout the weeks. I know that limiting the variation in the operations would help keep cost down even if the finished goods had a variable output. One of the key issues that arose in the results was that I was becoming unable to serve the market as a whole and maintain market share, especially in Gothem.

The second attempt using the program aimed at reducing my cost while, at the same time, maintaining market share in my closer markets. One of the main ways I accomplished this was by getting rid of Derby. I canceled my leased and company owned warehouses in Derby, which helped reduce my fixed costs and stopped all shipments to that market. When I took a look at the result from this action, I saw that I could reduce my overall expenses by cutting out my leased warehouses in the rest of the markets that I was selling so long as I could keep a close eye on my demand and inventory levels.

During my trials, I found one programming improvement I would make. Some of the issues that I found in this setup was that I was unable to see why I was having such as increase in warehousing in my home market. Other issues that I saw that I think makes this program a little inconsistent with a real life situation was the fact that I was unable to serve the markets in the order that would best serve...

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