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The society in the Victorian age as any society had its own character.

The lower class:

The theme of the lower class at that era of course was poverty, diseases and the very hard life.

Poor people used to work in factories or other places and had very limited education. Children also used to work at a very early age very difficult jobs for long time like carrying heavy stones or as chimney sweepers. health condition was poor

A workhouse was a place that sheltered the poor people who did not have the means of supporting themselves:

Children in factories :


The upper class :

Wealthy people and those how were members of the royal family used to be referred to as high people or upper class. Also, people from churches, people whose their incomes came from inherited land and investments. The lady of the upper class used to be educated and well prepared for marriage. The lady had to follow certain rules very strictly. Also, women played some kinds of sports in a limited way. Men of the upper class used to entertain themselves by gambling or playing cards

Between the upper and lower class, there was the middle class: shopkeepers, bankers, engineers and merchants.

Currency of that era :

Pounds (£) Shillings (s.) Pence (d.)


There were certain clothing styles that were observed during this period. In the early period, Victorian clothing for women was about restriction of arm movements. Another interesting feature were the detachable collars! The colors used in the early period of the Victorian fashion were soft, pastel shades. Patterns were delicate and fashionable, all designed to maintain the femininity of the woman. To shape the waist and make it thin, they used copper or some bones of whales.

The pattern of the dress:

Victorian fashion for men was about Norfolk jackets and the sack suits. Men preferred to don themselves in casual attire.


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