“Video Games, Accessories of the Devil

“Video Games, Accessories of the Devil

“Video Games, Accessories of the Devil!”

Video games have matured throughout the ages, mostly not for the best. They leave personal affects on people of all ages. The costs are growing with each new consol, leaving many with empty pockets. The history of gaming has evolved from games with a simple nature like pong. They have become more challenging, confusing, and also plain brutality. This is a sad world to get amusement out of such things. The gaming industry today is worse than it has ever been. Its corruptive nature is growing across the nation. It will continue to grow if nothing is done to stop it.

Video games have serious effects on people, whether it be health, or relationships, they will somehow impact somebody's life. People are becoming more and more addicted to games every day. In November 2004, the game "World of Warcraft" had made its debut. One of the most known games in the world, and one of the most addicting. Many young teens, and adults alike started playing this game. Some people quit jobs, and even a few divorces because of this game causing such an addiction. Not only are these games addicting, but they are violent as well. Games with weak violence, such as "Super Mario", evolved into more violence as "Street Fighter". Which eventually grew to the extreme of "Mortal Kombat". These games should not be acceptable by the world’s standards. Though, they have placed a rating system for these and all other games. The ratings EC (Early Childhood), E (Everyone), E10+ (Everyone 10 and over), T (Teen), M (Mature), and AO (Adults Only). Though the ratings have been placed, parents do not always follow them with their children. Children are being witnesses to this each and every day. If nobody stops this outrageous content, how will the future leaders of our society develop?

The cost of video games today is outrageous. A new game averages at about, sixty dollars. With prices this high, and gamers so addicted and demanding, the gaming...

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