Video Games Effect on People

Video Games Effect on People

Fahd Al Qasimi

As videogames have gained popularity throughout the last 10 years, more audiences want more action and games have become more violent. As an avid video game player I have no personal problems with the direction video games are going or the violence that some games have. The problem is that parents want video games to stop being so violent because they are affecting their kids. The problem is that parents are blaming the games and not themselves. Also some stores need to be stricter to whom they sell certain games to. A lot of people think the violence in video games are affecting their kids, but they are going to be surprised to learn what kind of games are affecting their kids.

Every game has been given a rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, and it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their kids buy the games that are aimed towards them. These ratings include EC for early childhood, E for everyone, E 10+ for everyone over the age of 10, T for Teens, M for gamers that are 17 or older and finally A for adults only. On the back of the game you can see the same rating but in more detail of what the game has e.g. Drug Reference, Mature Humor, Comic Mischief and much more.



By doing this the games cannot be blamed for any underage gamers purchasing it and playing it. Just like the movies have ratings and are not responsible for people sneaking in, the same concept applies to video games. However I don’t believe that violence has the biggest impact on gamers. There are games that are killing society not with violence but by addiction.

Video games exploded with Nintendo in 1983 when they were the first to create a console to play video games at home. Soon Nintendo released newer consoles that had better graphics and better games. Then Sony entered the market with their Playstation and soon after that, Microsoft joined the industry with...

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