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Have you ever wondered what a cool shooting game is like? It all depends on how it's made and how all the action occurs in the game. Also people who buy games must look on its strategy level, graphics, controls, and what modes it has. That would be four good reasons on how to choose a good shooting video game.

Our top game of the year is Counterstrike (condition zero). People argue that the game grand theft auto vice city is better then counterstrike condition zero. Maybe this is because they don't know what it's like playing a top game of then year. Counterstrike (condition zero) is way better then Grand Theft Auto (vice city) for many reasons.

Both Grand Theft Auto (vice city) and Counterstrike (condition zero) are fun shooting games filled with cool action and excitement. In them the characters look and move like in real life which provides the player with hours of fun by playing the medium level game. The more features that are in real life put in it, the more chances people are going to buy these games.

Extreme graphics make games like these look like you are actually in the game's imaginary world. Eliminating bad guys/ enemy soldiers, riding vehicles are all created realistically. For example in Grand Theft Auto (vice city) many of the popular vehicles that you see on TV and magazines are created to look and even drive the same way as in real life.

The two games are all realistic and amusing to play, but what's fake is the life you are given. In both the games you have an indicator that shows your health in percent. Sometimes when you get hit by a bullet many times but if this was in real life and you got hit you would probably not be alive anymore. Both the games would be the year's top games but first they must have everything a player needs and wants to play and enjoy his video game.

Counterstrike (condition zero) is more...

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