Vietnam Culture

Vietnam Culture

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Society and Culture

Evaluate stratagies for change that you have studied in beliefs,values and lifestyles.

Vietnamese beliefs, values and lifestyles has to be placed against the background of the past centurys struggle for independence. In the 1900's Vietnam was under complete french domintaion,traditional beliefs,valus and lifestyles still existed. French influence ment that to fully particpate in society you had to adapot French language,education,religion and dress.
A century later Vietnam is a unified and independent country, where beliefs, values and lifestyles reflect the continuity of tradition. Along with changes as a result of life under French and American influence In particular.

Freedom of worship is guaranteed under theVietnamese constituition wich is unusual for a communist country.Numerous religions are followed in Vietnam.There is a common acceptance of heaven.With Shirnes loctaed throught Vietnam as the Vietnamese people attempt to reconcile their relationship's with the spirits in their local area. Buddhism remains the most popular religion/beliefs system with over 60 % of the Vietnamese population being Buddhist.
Other beliefs systems that attract significant followings in Vietnam include; Confucianism,Taoism, Christianity/Catholicism. The sect of Cao Dai is typically Vietnamese a unique blend of Buddhism,Daoism,confucianism,islam and christianity.There is also spirt worshippers(animists) and hindu and islamic followers.

Importance about Vietnamese values is their importance to their sence of natinol identity.Vietnamese history has shown ,it has been a country obsessed with maintaining its independent nationhood.Vietnam has resisted Chinese cultural domination, French economic domination and American military domination.
Patience is also an important part of Vietnamese values. History also recognises detremination as a key value for the Vietnamese.Vietnam is a society that not only places great value...

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