The climate of Vietnam ranges from each season. During mid-May to mid-September, it is tropical in the south and monsoonal in the north with hot and rainy weather. The warm and dry season occurs from mid-October to mid-March. In Vietnam, the terrain is low and flat in the South and Central Highlands, and hilly and mountainous in the far North and Northwest. The lowest point of Vietnam happens to be the South China Sea which is 0 meters. The highest point in this country is Fan Si Pan, which is 3,144 meters.
The largest ethnic group in Vietnam is the Vietnamese. The Kinh, or the Vietnamese, make up 86.2% of the country's population. Other ethnic groups consist of the Tay (1.9%), Thai (1.7%), Muong (1.5%), Khome (1.4%), Hoa (1.1%), Nun (1.1%), Hmong (1%), and others (4.1%). Although 85% of Vietnamese identify themselves as Buddhists, they don't practice the religion much. About 7% of the population is Roman Catholic. The remaining 8% of the country consists of other insignificant religions such as Hoa Hao, Cao Dai, Protestant, and Muslim. The official language of the country is Vietnamese. and English is often considered a second language. The Vietnamese have their own set of writing characters called Chu Nom. The average age of the females in Vietnam is currently 26 years old. However, a female is estimated to live up to 73 years. The male is expected to live up to 67 years. Of all the people in Vietnam, 90.3% of the country is literate, which is surprisingly good because the country is still yet to modernize and grow economically.

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