View from the Darker Side

View from the Darker Side

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This story is purely a figment of my mind and the characters hold no
resemblence to anyone living or dead.


'Everytime I take a look
I see my sunken eyes
gleaming with the obvious tears
I can no longer hold inside

Everytime I take a look
my skin is still that same
ugly shade of darkened brown
my very cause of shame

Everytime I take a look
I want to turn away
for the reflection in the mirror
worsens day by day...'

I tried to think of what to write next but they were fighting so loudly,it
was getting hard to concentrate.Finally I gave up and slipped my
diary,under the bed,the usual hiding place.Then I turned on the CD
player.Music blasted through my ears.It gave me a headache but it was
better than hearing them fight.I closed my eyes.'Goodnight mom,'I
whispered.'Goodnight dad.I hope you die tonight.'

First day of school after a long relaxing summer was tiring,but not as bad
as I expected .This year they did not seem interested in stealing my lunch
money and calling me names because I am Pakistani.A very rare breed in the
USA.It was as if they had grown more mature over the summer and could not
be bothered by the brown girl who's hair was not as bright as the sun and
who's eyes were not a reflection of the sky.I walked the corridors,trying
to blend in the world of chatter,laughter and radiant smiles.But it was all
too colorful for me.My world was dark,like the color of my skin.

It was on my way to English class that my day worsened.I bumped into a
pretty brunette,a freshman perhaps.
'Watch it Paki!'She exclaimed irritably.
Finally.I was wondering when someone would call me that today.My ears were
simply craving to hear that.

As I bent down to pick my fallen books,my shirt scrunched up.I could feel
someone start to trace one of the million scars on my back.I turned
violently,glaring at the brunette.
'What are you doing?'
'Sorry.I just..what happened to you?'...

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