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There are many different views, properties, values, and interests for different types of energy. In viewing energy in terms of commodity we focus on supply and demand. Also the price of energy is an important factor. Commodity is used by current buyers and sellers in deciding what type of energy to use.

As an ecological resource depletability, environmental impact , and resource issues are the properties of energy. The choice of future sustainability and frugality are also values by those who view energy as an ecological resource. Market bystanders and future generations are most interested in viewing energy in this way.

When viewed as a social necessity availability and distribution are the important properties of energy. Equity is valued most when energy is viewed as a social necessity. The poor, and under funded public services seek to benefit from this view point of energy the most.

Finally, energy as a “strategic material” is the last view on energy that we have discussed in class. The properties of this energy view are geopolitics and foreign energy. Security is the main concern, and energy buyers and suppliers are mostly concerned with this view of energy.

Nuclear energy is a form of energy that is created through the reaction and exchange of electrons. It is stored in the nuclei of atoms and released either through fission (spliting atoms) or fusion (joining atoms). Elector magnetic energy is concerned with the wavelengths of waves such as converting gamma rays to radio waves.

There are also many different forms of energy conversions. (1/25/02 lecture). There is chemical to thermal. an example of this is fire. Chemical to electromagnetic, an example of which is a candle. Conversion from chemical to electrical in which a battery is an example. Chemical to mechanical conversion’s example is a rocket. Thermal to mechanical would be a heat engine. Electromagnetic to chemical’s conversion has an example of photosynthesis....

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