‘Vijnana ‘

When’re I sit alone
A thought clone
troubles my mind and
makes my brain go grind
Whether I am gay?
Or this is another way
To accept the says
Is this a coup?
Or heading towards another loop

Imagination, Fancy, Creativity
Added to my longevity
To work half a day
Without a stay.
Praise increased my craze
Yet I lov’d my work
And never shirk’d

But now my heart dismayed
To see me grasping ways
Of those people who
often drank bitter soups
Of life’s miseries and sufferings,
Yet they preferred writings,
Of thoughts, feelings and emotions,
with a notion
that appealed all nations.

Elegance, Opulence were my forte
But now facts are being sorte
My heart was being expressed
In its best possible way
But now it is wretched
With popular says

I want to go back
To that lovely sack
Of wonder and imagination
That gave my heart a thrilling sensation

Draperies, gowns, dresses
Replaced by streaks and laces
Of English Literature
Which made me an unhappy creature

But there is something in
my heart foresees the unseen
Knowledge in a big cart
thump’g hinges of
my empty mind & heart

Yet there is some suppression
Of my heart’s expression
God knows who’ll heal that
condition of being imprisoned
In facts and figures
of great lingurers.

Nupur Madaan

 Vijnana, which is a moment of 'divided knowing'.

‘’Flood of Tears…’

With butterflies in my stomach
I headed for another ache
With love in my heart
I gear’d to play another part

The world seemed beautiful
And I promised to love thy plentiful
Talks seemed so refreshing for
my soul, began enrichin’g my
existence so more.

With thy lustful gaze my heart amaz’d;
Thy hugs a shrug in chill;
Thy kiss, a bliss with will;
Never want’d to stop till twill.

Thy the magnetic and lustrous
Me the crowd-puller.
As stiff twin touch,
The union made a clutch;
And like a fling was the cling

In north as sunshine for the locals
Thy love my subsistence focal....