Village or Town?

Village or Town?

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Living in a town or in a village

Sometimes, people think living in a town is better, because of the opportunities. But to tell the truth both have advantages, and disadvangtages too. If I have to choose, I would choose the town.
The are a lot of reasons. For me the important is that there are more opportunities and facilities. There are several jobs. The public transport is very good, so people don’t have to use their cars. It’s important for the environment too. I like my town, because it’s not too big like Budapest, so we can arrive to somewhere in time, and people can reach places by bike without being tired. There are some entertainment facilities too. For example cinemas, a theatre, and several bars and discos. The education is secured. There are a lot of schools in this town, and there is a university, too. In towns, you can get many shops, shopping is easy. Towns usually have a good police station, a hospital and a great sport arena.
Living in a town is easily, and more comfortable.
But towns also have disadvantages, too. I would start with the cost of living. It is very high. And the food, supermarkets cannot offers the house-made ham, cheese and etc., which you can make at home in your village, if you have experience. Also, the air is very polluted in cities & towns. You can’t get fresh air. It confirms that people like walking in forests, or go on a trip to villages and breathe some fresh air.
The crime rate also very high in cities, and to summarise it is unhealthy to live in a town.

As well as there are so many advantages in village life. People are mostly friendly, peaceful and outgoing. Villages are smaller, so they live less competition with each other. There are a lot of traditional habits, which is good.
Also the streets are clean and free, because there are less vehicles, less noise and rush. You can breathe fresh air. If you live in a village, it is certain, that you have a garden, too. It’s good because you...

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