Vin Diesel - Essay

Vin Diesel - Essay

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VIN Diesel’s Name is in Capitals because he is a well known star and is the star of the film Riddick. He Would make many people want to watch the film because they would already have seem him in other films such as 2 Fast 2 Furious , Triple X , and they are planning to make a new film Starring Vin Diesel. The Target Audience for Riddick would be both male and female because he is attractive to girls but also men would like the action he brings. I think the poster is targeting a teenage audience and also people in their twenties because the language is inappropriate to a younger audience.

In the poster it makes “Riddick” look powerful. He wears Special Glasses because he doesn’t like the sun. He’s looming over his enemies above them. He stands out because he’s Hench and confident so that he can defeat his enemies.

“Riddick” is holding Weapons so that the light is shining on him because he is the bad guy.

We can tell the GENRE (Type of film) It is because of the sunlight in giving the flare effect. Planets in the background the sun is shining behind V.D there is a plannet to the right of him, causing there to be a shadow over V.D enemies’. This suggests that it is a “dark film”. And that it is a science fiction under VIN diesel is the motto. ALL THE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE CANT CHANGE DESTINY. This suggests that his destiny is to stop the enemies’ so that the audience accept the film the evolve conflict and fighting.

Target audience: age of the target audience (15) appeals to both male and female it appeals more too male because it action packed the age is a 15 because teenagers like violence.

Class: any social background educated (middle class) and working class. You would expect aliens in it because there are spaceships onto the poster and the background is in space. The strange creatures wear armour. The audience expects action, aliens and intense moments.

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