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Emilia Puchalska

English 101

“It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live”

Death is frightening to people for many reasons: they do not know what to expect from death, they fear the punishment of god, they dread not accomplishing certain things in life. We all afraid of that inevitable final moment.. Although we can argue that when we die we no longer exist so this state is not a bad one .When we are able to face our own fragility as human beings and recognize that death as part of our daily life then we will enjoy what we are doing today. Although beliving in God help people to feel more secure. We still don’t know every specific of what will happen at the time of our death.because it is an unknown commodity. Yet, we can now have the confidence that the God who cares for us will be there to catch us in this fall. Making peace with him eliminates the fear of meeting him, but it doesn’t eliminate the mystery of death itself. However, the though that our lifes could never begin certainly awake more fear. Never beginning menas non existing. If we do not exist we can never know what life could means. No feelings, memories, no way for experiencing the world in any meaningful way.
If we think about our whole life, those good and bad moments we realized that even difficult experiences are valuable for us sometimes. No matter what kind of life we got there are always certain moments that make us happy and give us energy to live and appreciate that we are part of this beautiful world. In summary I would say that death is not to fear, fear is to live as a person that is already dead, without dreams, without love, without caring for others. Let’s rejoice in the fact that we live and die, that we cry and laugh, that we find our way or sometimes we loose track; that we can be confused or perfect knowledgeable, that we can be not perfectly sane or perfectly insane. All these are parts of what we are doing in this world. I...

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