Virginia Woolf Studies

Virginia Woolf Studies

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ENG1078 Writing Seminars 1

Neville Bezzina
University of Malta

While researching various critical approaches to Virginia Woolf, it eventually becomes clear that her identity as a woman modernist writer has been molded and established by specific critics that are dominant in Woolf studies. Their approach to her works during several decades of literary criticism is reflected in the major traditional critical sources (such as University journals and critical published volumes) one might peruse while researching her novels. Major critics writing mere years after Woolf herself seem to be attracted towards these types of interpretations involving the woman’s identity as an integral part of the text.
Traditional appreciations of Woolf’s fiction mainly seem to regard her in that specific light, thus making approaching the novels from such an authorial-specific angle seem more natural than alternative readings. Many of these critics, such as Olsen and Goldman, are traditional in their approach to Woolf’s works and have been the pioneers in the study of her literary, if not critical, output. Contemporary criticism on the other hand, seeks to redefine her works- both fiction and non fiction- according to other theoretical angles. What follows is a broad overview of the major sources one might need to access during a process of research regarding this author.
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