Virtual Company (Riordan, Kudler, Huffmananalysis

Virtual Company (Riordan, Kudler, Huffmananalysis

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of Business Industry Type Key Economic
Influences Key Government
Influences Key Legal
Manufacturing Manufacturing Employment Report: Manufacturing can benefit in labor cost when there is unemployment or shortage of jobs.
Consumer Confidence: Degree of optimism expressed by consumers affects demands of products. Markets for plastic products are affected by the strength of the overall economy.
Congressional Budget for Defense affects demand for Riordan products.
International policy: Riordan is directly affected by any regulations mandated by the governments of countries like China as well as US. Being a manufacturing company that is labor intensive is affected by laws dictating minimum wage, labor laws, workers compensation.
Trucking Transport Inflation Rate: If there is a decrease in purchasing power of money and increase in prices have a direct effect in increase the cost of doing business.

Unemployment Rate: If unemployment rates start to rise trucking companies see an increase in supply of labor which benefits with lower labor cost.

Export restrictions: Restrictions on export to control domestic economy will have an impact on services of a trucking company. Demand for goods to be transported to export will decline.

Government Debt: Influenced by government spending as U.S. Government is a primary customer.

It is very important for transport companies to follow worker safety regulations (OSHA) and environmental protection regulations (EPA) to avoid penalties or possible shutdowns.
Union Regulations: Trucking unions can affect companies with regulations for hours-of-service and such demands.
Fine Foods Food Commodity Price Index: Cost of agriculture, livestock and energy commodities are variable and food businesses need to keep these in check to maintain profitability.

Consumer Price Index: In a slow economy where consumers are hesitant to spend, Kudler will need to motivate consumers...

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