Virtual Retinal Display Market - Forecasts to 2021

Virtual Retinal Display Market - Forecasts to 2021

The Virtual Retinal Display Market is a wearable electronic device market. A virtual retinal display is a small headgear-mounted device. When mounted on eyeglasses, it creates an image directly onto the retina of a viewer's eye. From a coherent photon source, the device generates a beam of light to project the image. Intensity modulation is done with the beam to match the image being produced and then it is directly projected onto the retina. The image is formed by scanning low power laser light directly onto the eye (retina).

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The prime advantages of Virtual Retinal Displays are low power consumption, improvement in resolution, brightness, contrast, color, etc. and wide range of view.

The Virtual Retinal Display Market boosts the production of these components, which are Video Electronics, Light Source and Modulator, Scanners, Pupil Expander, Viewer Optics, Holographic Optical Element and others. All these components integrated together make Virtual Retinal Display possible.

The Virtual Retinal Display Market end user industry applications are in Health care industry for Radiology, Surgery, therapeutics and other industries like Communication, Aerospace, Military, entertainment, Gaming, Training and development, Sports etc. IndustryARC suggests that Gaming and Entertainment segments are noted to be healthy sectors contributing to the global market share.

Region wise in the Virtual Retinal Display Market, the leading one is North America followed by Europe and APAC then South America and ROW. North America is expected to be the largest market of Virtual Retinal Display. In APAC, countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. are the major market of Virtual Retinal Display. By 2021, there will be increase of this market in European and ROW countries.

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