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Jaqueline Avilez
World Religions
Dr. Douglas Millar

Throughout the World, various forms of people practice various forms of religion.
In many religions a deity, or God in monotheistic belief, is worshiped. A deity can
represent every aspect of human life and existence. This representation of Vishnu is a
bit simpler. He was believed to descend to earth during the cycles of existence in the
form of one of ten reincarnations, or different appearances of Hindu gods (Hefner).
Vishnu was obviously a supernatural god through the depiction of his four arms. His
people relied on him to show them strength and give them faith that life was worth

Vishnu is the second God in Hindu trimurti. He is the protector of the Universe.
Brahma and Shiva are the two other Gods. Brahma is the creator of the universe and
Shiva is the destroyer. Vishnu's worshippers consider him the greatest of all the Gods.
and regard the other gods as lesser or demi gods.

Vishnu is represented blue skin and four arms. His hands always carry four
objects representing the things he is responsible for (BBC Religion & Ethics, 2009).
They are the a conch held by the upper left hand it symbolizes power to create and
maintain the universe. A chakra held by the upper right hand it symbolizes the purified
spiritual mind. A mace held by the lower left hand it is similar to a hammer that
symbolizes power: spiritual, physical and mental. And the lotus flower held by the
lower right hand, which symbolizes spiritual liberation.

He is said to have reincarnated into to ten different avatars. Matsya the fish,
Kurma the turtle, Varaha the pig/boar, Narasimba the man lion, Vamana a dwarf

Brahhim (priest), Parashurama a warrior priest, Rama a warrior prince, Krishna a
mentally advanced man, Buddha the all-knowing one and Kalki is expected to come
as a person on a white horse when the world ends.

The concept...

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