visitation of gods

visitation of gods

Julie Ann A. Nirza
Philippine Literature (M/Th 3:00 – 4:30)

By Gilda Cordero Fernando


I. Title : Visitation of Gods
II. Author: Gilda Cordero Fernando\
III. Characterization

Mrs. Noel - English Instructor
Mr. Sawit - new English Supervisor
Mr. Alava - Superintendent
Mr. Olbes - Pugad Lawin’s Principal
Mrs. Olbes - Wife of Mr. Olbes
Mrs. Divinagracia - HE instructor
Mr. Buenaflor - Industrial Arts Instructor
Mr. de Dios - Physics instructor
Mr. Baz - Nat’l Language Instructor
Ms. Santos - PE Instructor
Mr. Del Rosario - Military Tactics
Leon - Student

IV. Setting

Pugad Lawin High School

Had made capital of its topography: rooted on the firm ledge of a hill, the school house was accessible by a series of stone steps carved on the hard face og the rocks: its west windows looked out on the misty grandeur of a mountain chain shaped like a sleeping woman.

V. Plot

A. Introduction

The letter announcing the visitation had been delivered in the morning by a sleepy janitor to the principal. The party was, the attached circular revealed a hurried glance, now at Pagkabuhay, would be in Mapili by lunchtime, and barring typhoons, floods, volcanic erruptions and other acts of God, would be upon Pugad Lawin by afternoon.

B. Rising Action

The teaching staff and the student body had been divided into four working groups. The first group, composed of Mrs. Divinagracia, harassed HE instructor, the teachers of Group Two had been assigned to procure the beddings and the dishes to be used for the supper, “structuring the rooms” was the responsibility of the third group, and the rowdiest freshman boys composed the forth and discriminated group, Under the stewardship of Ms. Noel.

C. Climax

The visitation turns out well, but ten when the night came. Mr. Sawit, the new English Supervisor asked Ms. Noel about the evaluation. Frankly, Ms. Noel said that it seems all the visitation was...

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