Visiting Norman

Visiting Norman

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The other day I went to visit my friend Norman at his house. I had went to visit him so we could play the video game Madden 09 football on X-box 360. When I first got there he was exhausted he explained to me how tired he was from working at his job for the phone company Verizon. He is a customer service expert and also sales representative that receives non-stop phone calls all day from some people who are very angry for one reason or another.

So before we were about to start our game Norman asked me " so what have you been getting yourself into lately". I responded "I just started school at the University of Phoenix a Axia college". He responded "that's awesome but how do you go about taking your classes". I replied "I go to school online". He said "I always see the commercial on tv, but your the first person I know to actually attend a online university.

Norman was actually proud of me he looked at me shocked. He said " how do you have a class room that's set up online. I replied " First I go onto the website and I log into my class entering my user name and password. Then, Im logged into the first screen which is called the main forum.

This is where you can review your materials, assignments, grades and also have discussion. You are supposed to post all of your discussion questions in the main forum. We read different articles and material then post questions or responses we have on the topic which is called threaded discussion. He then asked " what time do i have to log on to go to class. I said "it depends, long as you log on before 12am eastern time". He then said " does everyone have to be logged in at the same time"? I said " No, sometimes we are and we do it's called asynchronous communication.

Norman then asked " how do u get your grades". I replied " every week we get feed back from our instructor". He responded "what's feedback". I replied " it's when we turn in our discussion questions or essay's and we are graded by a point system...

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