Vivek Has Communication Problem

Vivek Has Communication Problem

1. A lot of bosses are accused of being "poor communicators" because of the following: -

Major business and policy decisions are made without consulting with the employees who operate the run the business. Reward schemes are often one sided and feedbacks are not entertained at many levels of organization.

Job Satisfaction of employees have to be taken into consideration during decision making to ensure productivity from them .The employees participation in decision making can make them feel good and loyal to the organization.

Bosses are impatient to listen to employees ideas, their problems, what their goals are and what is important to them.

Many bosses fail to be a role model to the staff and hence do not encouraging them to succeed and be their best.

Employees feedback communicated to top management and vice versa shall develop a transparent work culture were staff shall increase their input of thoughts ideas and productivity to the organization. Such feedback system or structure are not often implemented in companies which fail the communication system and employer – employee relationship and hence the productivity.

Communication to help employees understand their contribution to the organizational goals is a key element of success to any organization.

Many a times it also happens that appreciations and motivation is not communicated properly and hence there is a negative feedback from employees though the bosses’ intentions are good and positive.

2. What, specifically, do you think Vivek needs to do to improve his communication skills?

According to employees, Vivek, is a brilliant guy who has a lot to learn in terms of being a better communi¬cator.g
Vivek has got a good team of employees who can do an excellent job for him because they are ready to take any tasks he lists on. The only thing vivek need to get right is the away he communicates with his employees, be it appreciations, feedback or comments of work....

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