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An analysis of new female image in Carrie Sister


The theme discusses the new female image in Carrie Sister. The paper aims to analyze how the Darwinisme——the survival of the fittest——reflected in Carrie Sister. Carrie Meeber, an ordinary girl who rises from a low-paid wage earner to a high-paid actress. She starts striving by her own.
The purpose of the thesis is to show us, when money becomes the main desire which people search for , in such society with such a value system, man's behavior is dominated by instincts, such as desires, needs,or fear, and environments, like cities and consumerism, and chances. Carrie Meeber is a female representative of society. Carrie embodied the optimistic attitude to life, to adversity of strong, and don’t succumb to the fate, all of these qualities are laudable.

ChapterⅠ Positive and optimistic attitude in facing the adversity life
1. Carrie's family background
1.2 The social background at that time
1.3 Carrie’s positive and optimistic attitude to life

Chapter II Facing the difficulties, Carrie advances briefly with perseverance
2.1 Values of society at that time
2.2 The change of Carrie’s character

Chapter III New female image, dare to pursue her a happy life
1. A new woman with sharp-cut personality
2. A new woman strong in life
3. A new woman independent in personality and undertaking


Carrie Sister stands for a new female image, there is no denying that she has a limitation herself, but in that time, she is braved to pursue the liberation of personality, catch the chance actively, adapt to the social progress, she is a real representative for new female.