Vlan Assignment

Vlan Assignment

In this assignment, I will be discussing how to implement and configure a VLAN network into a company with expanding departments and users on the move.

Main Content:
As companies grow and begin to become more complex in expansions, some times it can become hard to wire a LAN together to benefits all departments of the network. This is where a VLAN could be implemented to structure the network into better organized groups by grouping nodes together in a single broadcast domain. This way when employees are relocated or travel, they do not need to be rewired to the physical network.

By implementing a VLAN into this scenario, I can segment the network into separate broadcast domains of marketing, engineering, operations, and the call center. This way when applications broadcast information to the members of a department, the packet will be sent to the specific broadcast domain exclusively instead of wasting bandwidth by broadcasting to everyone.

Grouping the users into a VLAN will also improve security by assigning a specific port to control which network resources a group should have access to utilize. This prevents a user from accessing network resources outside of their authorization.

The VLAN in this scenario would be best configured using assigned port addresses since the configuration is implemented right into the switch of the broadcast domain. Other methods of implementing VLAN membership include MAC address, user ID, and network address. Since employees are moving offsite and to other parts of the building their IP addresses will change often using DHCP, which would require constant reconfiguration if assigned by networks address. Configuring a VLAN by user ID is complicated to administer and troubleshoot since every user will need to be identified into the switch and configured into the broadcast domain. With the call center constantly expanding and the chance of a user using a new computer for temporary access, entering all...

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