VLC (Visible Light Communications) Market by 2021 | IndustryARC

VLC (Visible Light Communications) Market by 2021 | IndustryARC

Visible Light Communications (VLC), a subset of optical wireless communications technologies. VLC is an emerging area of broadband transmission technology which uses light in the visible region (780-375nm) to transfer data. Through rapid flickering of advanced LEDs, streams of data can be encoded and transmitted. Visible Light Communications has a lot of advantages over other forms of wireless communications in the way that it does not interfere with radio frequency (RF) electronics and has no associated health concerns, thereby making it suitable for use in hospitals and aircrafts.

The potential for Visible Light Communications is huge and researches are working on it to overcome many of the technical challenges that the Visible Light Communications Market is facing. They are even confident that further researches on this technology can lead to VLC being eventually accepted as an integral part of our infrastructure.

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For Visible Light Communications Market, the components necessary are Fluorescent lights, visible light LEDs, diode in which there are two types namely PIN photo diode and avalanche diode, image sensors, IR emitters, opto-couplers etc.

Visible Light Communications Market has its major applications in end user industries like Vehicle and transportation, Defense and security, Hospitals and healthcare, Aviation, mining etc.

There are so many applications for Visible Light Communications Market such as Smart Lighting, Hazardous Environments, Wi-Fi Spectrum Relief, Underwater Communications, Location-based Services, Indoor applications and Outdoor applications. Indoor applications can be further branched as content sharing, M-commerce, Networked robot, Data broadcast, File transfer and video streaming and Indoor navigation. Traffic control infrastructure and...

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