Vodafone Company Overview

Vodafone Company Overview

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Company Overview

Vodafone Group PLC is one of the leading mobile telecommunication companies in the world. It won the third mobile license in Australia in 1992 and by 1993 it had established Vodafone Australia and began actively marketing its digital mobile services (Vodafone, 2011). Vodafone first launched a wireless network under the brand name “Arena” in 1993, while Hutchison started under the brand name “Orange” says Business Monitor International Ltd (2008).

By 2009, Vodafone Australia and Hutchison 3G Australia announced an agreement to merge their telecommunications businesses through an equal 50% ownership joint venture, ultimately changing its name to Vodafone Hutchinson Australia Pty Ltd (Sallmann, 2011). According to BMI (2008), Hutchison was a wise merger choice for Vodafone as they were the first to introduced the commercial 3G network.

Currently, Vodafone Hutchinson Australia is one of the three leading mobile telecommunication companies in Australia, with Telstra and SingTel Optus as its other director competitors within the industry. Upon the merger, Vodafone will have a customer base of about six million users with combined total revenue of over $4 billion with its sights set on overtaking Optus to become the nation’s second largest mobile service provider. The combined entity will market its products and services under the Vodafone and Three brands as a mobile telecommunication provider, and Crazy John’s as a Mobile phone retail chain (Sallmann, 2011).

Over the years Vodafone has provided million of Australians with quality mobile services for their mobile phones. However, it wasn't until 31 August 2009 that Vodafone introduced major service upgrades, and implemented 3G coverage for its consumers. Now with the 3G network well underway, Vodafone is able to provide coverage to 94 per cent of Australian consumers and businesses. As a B2B and B2C orientated company, Vodafone provides its customers with the opportunity to have...

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