Voice Recognition System

Voice Recognition System

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Speech recognition (also known as automatic speech recognition or computer speech recognition) converts spoken words to machine-readable input (for example, to key presses, using the binary code for a string of character codes). The recognized words can be the final results, as for applications such as commands & control, data entry, and document preparation.

Description of Project
The function of this speech recognition security system is to have a system that will only unlock upon recognizing a voice password spoken by the administrator or password holder.

Firstly we look at the speech recognition algorithm to understand the implementation. We then prepare the microphone circuit, and then proceeded to start sampling and generate the digital data for the speech. Once we have the data, we started writing the code based on a speech recognition algorithm. Afterwards, we analyze the output of the speech recognition system to recognize which word was spoken. Finally, we plan to add an LCD for better user interface to signal if the password spoken is correct or not.

We would like to design a security system using a speech recognition feature. This eliminates the need to type in a security code. Instead, you just have to speak a password to unlock the system. We are also interested in exploring and implementing the speech recognition algorithm and DSP.

Disciplines that have been applied to speech recognition problems:

➢ Signal Processing:

The process of extracting relevant information from the speech signal in an efficient, robust manner.

➢ Physics( Acoustics):

The science of understanding the relationship between the physical speech signal and the physiological mechanisms that produced the speech and with which the speech is perceived....

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