Volumetric Display Market Forecast & Analysis | 2021

Volumetric Display Market Forecast & Analysis | 2021

Volumetric Displays are new kind of display devices that project images in 3D in real world. It displays in a transparent physical volume by generation, absorption, scattering of visible radiation from well-defined, localized and specific regions of coordinated axes within that volume. These are of two types, swept volume and static volume.

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Volumetric Display Market runs on the combined working of prominent components like Screen, Mirror or Lens, Computational Device, Memory, Connectivity Module and Projection Source. In Volumetric Display Market there are different technologies those can be used to make volumetric display possible such as Swept Visual Display, Static Visual Display and others. For swept visual displays, the technologies used are Rotating Flat Screen, Varifocal Mirror, Rotating LED Array and Others. For static visual displays the technologies used are Gas Medium Upconversion, Solid Medium Upconversion, Laser Plasma 3D in air, Layered LCD Stack etc.

Volumetric Displays although has been already came into existence fewer years ago, it is not available in large scale. But the demand of volumetric Displays has risen and thus with time progress, the companies are trying to introduce them into the market with cost effective devices which aids volumetric display market to grow.

Volumetric Display market has highest scope in Entertainment and Gaming industry closely followed by exploration operations, medicine and reviewing designs in various end user industries before the production of the product. Some other scopes are marketing, data visualization, training etc.

Volumetric display market finds its application in oil and gas exploration and production by real-time visualization of 3-D fluid flow, security applications such as luggage visualization, pharmaceutical molecular modeling,...

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