Voting Processes

Voting Processes

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Week 1 Tuesday September 16th and September 18th

The first day of campaigning I went to the Republican National Committee Headquarters. It is located in downtown Toledo right across the street from Tony Packo’s close to the Mud Hens Stadium. We met with John Stainbrook who is the lead chair of the committee. We started by first figuring out the teams who were going to call different locations for campaigning. We started calls around 6 and ended at 9. Then we mat with other members to discuss politics, and we found out that we would be doing this each and every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 every week. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot in the first week, like how hard campaigning actually is, I learned about the people who make campaigning possible, and how to make survey phone calls, I have never made them before.

Week 2 Tuesday September 23rd and September 25th

The second week I started to understand how the whole process works. We started out by making the phone calls and interacting with each other. We all had to find a different location of Ohio and call them and ask them questions on the survey. We also mapped out all of those who wanted signs to display in their front yards. We met with more people like Megan who was in charge of the Toledo area campaign data inputs, as well as her assistant Julie and we briefly discussed their jobs. John Stainbrook also introduced us to Dr. Nick who is a Veteran of this country and he spoke to us about political views and on the economy for about 45 minutes. We also met with the leader of the young republicans Patrick Kriner who gave us a brief speech on what they do in the Toledo area and how they make all the campaigning possible.

Week 3 Tuesday September 30th and Thursday October 2nd and October 3rd

The third week was a very busy week because we took campaigning to the next level by setting up a booth in the Student Union to help people with their voting...

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