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How Does Your Representative Vote?

For this assignment, students will research the voting behavior of their Congressional representative and assess whether or not their interests are being represented by him/her. Answer all of the questions (see additional instructions for paper preparation below) and bring your responses to class on the designated day.

1. Go to (available in Web Links on Blackboard)

2. Look up your representative in the House of Representatives in Congress and find his or her Web page.

3. Find and review the last five votes cast by your representative.

4. Answer the following questions:

a. Do you agree with the votes? (In other words, do they represent you?) Why or why not?

b. Will you vote in the next election? Why or why not?

c. Does reading about how your representative has voted recently make you more or less interested in voting for or against him or her in the next election? Why?

d. If you do not agree with his or her vote on one or more issues, what actions can you (as a citizen) take to express your dissatisfaction? What actions can you take toward having your representative vote more to your liking on future issues?

Paper Preparation

• Answer all of the questions. Additionally, be sure to identify your representative, state, and to briefly summarize the last five votes cast.

• Number your answers in accordance with the questions in the exercise.

• Do not repeat the questions in your answers.

• Papers must be typed and double-spaced (2 points will be deducted for handwritten papers).

• The assignment must be written in proper English in prose form (complete sentences in paragraphs).

• The use of computerese, e.g., using u for you, is unacceptable.

• Do NOT summarize, become repetitive, or regurgitate what you have read.

The assignment must be written in your own words. Cutting and...

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