VSI Sand Washing Machine in Kingdom of the Netherlands

VSI Sand Washing Machine in Kingdom of the Netherlands

Henan Hongxing after years of research devoted to the mechanism stone blasting equipment, the broken material requirement is fine particles. In general, the flaky material into the mill, but more susceptible to ground. While the stone requirements and the opposite, on the particle type, size requirements are very strict. The mechanism of stone are generally rocks, stone , ore by blasting, crushing machine, vibrating screen was broken, and then screened by the screening equipment to, its strength and hardness are superior to the natural sand. So, in some key projects, such as airport, highway, national highway, sand, construction, mechanism of stone will adopt a higher quality, instead of river stone or sand.

The reason is that the cubical stone due to the band edge, so that the particles have a mutual locking function. But the gradation and the continuous stone can make the space greatly reduced. At the Hongxing time cube than circular stone have larger surface area, so that the material or stone and stone and material stick together reduce the possibility of displacement. Selection of stone making equipment suitable for production can greatly improve the quality and quantity of stone production, reuse of large quantities of waste ores, tailings and cobble, on the other hand, through the vibrating screen production of stone general quality is good, can adapt to the demand of various grades of concrete, stone concrete.

Over the years, collection of domestic and foreign advanced production experience, focus on the design and manufacture of crushed stone making equipment, development a series of large and medium-sized crushing production line equipment, such as 5X new stone making machine, the third generation of stone making machine, VSI sand washing machine in kingdom of the netherlands for stone making, greatly improve the stone making machine.

After 30 years of reform and development, Hongxing Machinery has achieved numerous honors on research and...

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