Wa-lMart's Business Practices

Wa-lMart's Business Practices

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Walmart’s Business Practices

For the past few years, Walmart, the global retail giant, has been under public scrutiny for the way they do business. This paper will examine three of Walmart’s business practices that have been deemed inappropriate, as well as look at their responses to the selected claims. One accusation is that they contribute to the demise of locally owned, “mom-and-pop” type businesses. Another claim is that, even though Walmart appears to promote diversity in the workplace, do they adequately support and provide for their employees? Finally, Walmart has always tried to position themselves as a company that promotes “Made in the USA”; however, there have been claims made that Walmart buys the majority of its inventory from foreign markets. What is their commitment to the United States’ economy? Not only will these three questions be addressed within this research project, but also the steps Walmart has taken in response to these accusations. With their organizational behavior in question, Walmart has incorporated several initiatives to rectify these issues to help build a better public persona. One way is by supporting the communities that they are a part of. They have given millions in donations and merchandise to many local and national organizations. Walmart also has seen an increase in female management positions as well as helping others achieve their goals through development opportunities. The company also utilizes an “Open Door Policy” that encourages their employees to come to management for any issues or suggestions they may have. Finally, Walmart has pledged to increase support of American manufacturing jobs. In recent years, Walmart has also hosted several gatherings promoting job growth in the United States.

Walmart’s Business Practices
“Walmart has been the target of many special interest groups over the years, including organized labor (unionization), feminists (gender...

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