Wal-Mart Steep Analysis

Wal-Mart Steep Analysis

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Steep Analysis

Natural Environment:

• The constant plastic bags in the surrounding area might affect the environment. It is the responsibility of Wal-Mart to reduce the amount of plastic bags that get discarded by the consumer and also the amount of bags that might be used period.
• Any near by water supply might affect them. The run off of any of their products could leak into the water supply and cause contamination. This could adversely affect the environment.

Societal Environment:


• The state of the economy in the United States has affect Wal-Mart. I believe both positively and negatively. You have consumers that would shop at Wal-Mart because of their low prices that my still shop there but not as often due to the lack of income that now they receive. Then you have the consumer that did not shop at Wal-Mart, instead choosing a more upscale venue. Now they might shop at Wal-Mart because of their lack of income causing them to scale down on venue.

• Unemployment rates could affect the manpower of Wal-Mart. An economy with a high unemployment rate could be beneficial in that they have a large pool of resources to choose from to fill their store with employees. Though it can adversely affect them in that these people that are unemployed have no income to spend at Wal-Mart.


• The need to constantly have new products can affect Wal-Mart. They usually have a high demand for products due to their low prices. It is in their best interest to expedite the products to provide these products to the consumer.

• Internet is a new frontier to Wal-Mart. It can expand their services to another customer base. This can help Wal-Mart to grow even larger in another sector that was previously not focused on.


• Foreign trade regulations can affect Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart provides products at a low price because of the production done over seas. A change in foreign trade...

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