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Have you ever wondered what a world without pollution would be like? Unfortunately that almost could never happen, but together we could help reduce the rate of air and land pollution. You will learn what causes air and land pollution, how long pollution has been around, interesting facts about why you should recycle, and how you can help the rate of air and land pollution.

What Causes Air Pollution? : The natural causes of air pollution are volcanic eruptions, and forest fires which send smoke, ashes and, gases into the atmosphere. Pollution also comes from humans like us. We can only control human pollution because we are the causes. Most pollution comes from a substance we burn called fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline. Factories, cars, planes, boats, and trains mostly burn fossil fuels.

How Long Has Pollution Been Around? : Ancient cities were often dirty from human trash and debris. Unsanitary conditions in the middle ages encouraged a spread of diseases like the plague. Some of the main types of pollution were invented very early. Cars were invented in the 1800’s as well as trains. Planes were invented in 1903.

Why You Should Recycle:
• If you don’t recycle the world can get polluted.
• “Every year the average American uses about 100 pounds of plastic, 37000 gallons of water, 800 gallons of gas, and 3285 pounds of hazardous waste.”
• Manufacturing a recycled can only takes 5% as much energy as making the same can from virgin ore.
• One ton of recycled aluminum saves 37 barrels of oil.
• It uses 60% less energy to manufacture recycled paper than from raw timber.
• “In one year every person in America combined together throws away, 30 billion foam cups, 1.6 million writing pens, 2 billion plastic razors and blades, 220 million tires, and 1.8 billion disposable diapers.

How You Can Help:
• You can help by recycling and telling you friends to recycle too.
• You should not litter and if you see...