walking dead

walking dead

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The Walking Dead
by: Robert Kirkman

Character Analysis
Rick- Sherif of a small town. Father of his son (Carl) and married to his wife (Lori). He is a leader of sorts. He knows his words and is intelligent. He is a good father and husband. He puts them before anything and cares for them ever so much.

Shane- “Deputy” and Ricks closest friend. He thinks of them as family (Ricks family) and they think the same.He is rough and brutey. Not very intelligent. He has a small temper and is easy to get worked up. He isn't the best but he will be at your back when you need him…….or.

Objective Summary
Rick and Shane are called to the highway for a high speed pursuit. When they get to the highway there was already a police car their blocking the road. Shane gets out and gets the spike stip and lays it down. They're all ready for whatever comes at them. They can see the car over the hill and it ran right into the stip and flipped. With their guns pointed at the car one of the passengers gets out unnoticed and shoots Rick in the shoulder. Luckily the bullet went right through. Rick got up and said something to Shane and another passenger got out with a shotgun and shot him in the shoulder. Rick went down and was out for the count. Rick ends up waking up. Not in the right time to see the world go to absolute chaos.

This book/show is amazing. The characters are amazing. The writing just makes you feel like you are there and you get to experience the apocalypse with them. Rating is 11/10 amazing in my book of things.

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