Walmart Swot Analysis

Walmart Swot Analysis

The retail industry’s major driving forces are the major underlying causes of change in industry and competitive conditions. In a macro-environment, industry productivity is the principal driver of economic growth as it can benefit by making everyone like consumers, owners (of capital) and workers better off. Wal-Mart has made a tremendous contribution to productivity of retail industry through its sophisticated inventory, price innovation system and strategic use of IT system, it is one of the largest private employer as well the largest grocery store, the largest trucker in the US and it has made other retailers to follow Wal-Mart concept of operation and compete with them. In US mainly the low skilled workforce were employed in the retail markets. Wal-Mart through globalization with its systems has brought a revolution in the retail industry internationally.

From above industrial analysis it is quite evident that the major drivers for the retail industrial growth are the low pricing system followed by Wal-Mart adopting cost effective modern technological processes for its operations to meet the demands of its customers.



1. Supercenter concept:
Pioneers in supercenter concept of large stores, which offered a one-stop solution to meet the growing demands for various products all under one roof, with round-the-clock shopping experience to its customers.

2. Speciality shops:
Wal-Mart supercenters also featured speciality shops covering whole range of products including vision centre, Tire and Lube Expresses, Radio Grill restaurants, photo centre, hair salons, banks, and employment agencies and a warehouse club chain called Sam’s Club.

3. International expansion:
Wal-Mart has successfully expanded in to a number of foreign markets and the company has gained a competitive advantage in terms of economies of scale and learning experience. By 2004, it had in over 3200...

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