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It is a store where millions of people love to shop because of its convenience. Whatever you need, you can probably find it marked at the lowest price within the walls of your local store. You see commercials on television that advertise their unbeatable low prices and holiday specials, and you probably even receive their flyers with your Sunday newspaper. In a small town, Walmart is a place of gathering. You could compare it to an animal watering hole; a place for people to socialize and gather food. It is probably safe to say that most every domesticated person has been to one.

When you enter through the sliding glass doors, you feel a warm breeze of air from the heaters on the celling rush over you. To your left, metal shopping carts are lined up with their blue handle grips reflecting the lights of the fluorescent bulbs hanging high above. Most of these carts are deficient in some way. Often string and other questionable things get rolled up around a wheel until it locks up. Sometimes you might grab a cart that makes loud squeaking noises as you push it along or one that someone decided to use as a trash can. If you have small children you might be concerned when you find that the child safety belt on your cart is broken, so giving the cart a test before committing to it is always a good idea. With everything that is beyond the second set of automatic sliding glass doors, I believe finding a good cart is the best precaution you can take.

As you step into the world of Walmart an elderly person greets you warmly and wishes you a wonderful shopping experience. The smell of baking bread hits your nose and you will notice that there are a few smaller stores lined along the front wall of the building: A hair salon, a Subway restaurant, a bank, and an eye doctor.

The check-out counters are lined up in front of the shops with a large space for walking that separates the two busy locations. Each counter has a large sign with a number on it that lights up...

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