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allergic 过敏的 apron 围裙 blanket 毯子 remote 遥控器 spoil 变质的v.
Dorkily everafter. 傻人有傻福 a cowboy spraying cologne 一个喷古龙香水的牛仔
drum 鼓 I am over you. 我不在乎你了。 Shoelace 鞋带 sober 清醒的
You know how fish freak me out? 你知道我有多怕鱼吗?
Santa 圣诞公公 giant 巨人 pretend 伪装假装 reject 拒绝
wander 徘徊 ponytail 马尾辫 augment 增加

damn 该死的 ,非常 it would have worked this time, if his hands were not so damn small.
Kids pick up on that stuff.
Corkscrew 红酒开瓶器 he is poisoned you against me, 他在挑拨我们的感情。
I plan on spending the rest of my life making it up to you. 我将用我的余生时间来补偿你
Psychedelic toenail 脚趾淤血
To be frank 坦白的说
afford 买得起,但付得起的
fork 叉子 scoop 勺子 boiler kettle 烧水壶 pan 盘子,平底锅
The penalty is death! 惩罚
Your army was defeated by just one blow. 你的部队不堪一击。
Ladle 调羹,成汤的大勺子,做饭的大勺子
From that door to the lift is my territory. 从门到电梯口是我的地盘
wizard 魔法师 some of those frayed 有一些被缠住了
I just wonder where to begin.
Such an honor it is. I got stuck. 我被卡住了
Plum 李子 apricot 杏子 ketchup番茄酱 Towel 毛巾

bullace 野李子
damson 洋李子
磨砂灯泡frosting bulb
Adam’s apple 喉结
I often feel a pain in my stomach.
broom 扫把
I can still sense him in the building.
Go ahead and scoff. 继续嘲笑吧。
Gravity 地心引力 don’t get me started on gravity. 别跟我提地心引力。
pPiss 撒尿
What can I do for you?
Possession 个人财产 fortune
I think this apartment sullies the name of crap. 我想这个公寓侮辱了CRAP的美名。
stuff you don’t have any stuff. 你没什么东西
Thumb 拇指
What is this obsessive need to make everyone agree with you? 为什么非得每个人都要同意你?有执著想法的
She takes an excessive interest in clothes. 他对服装有极度的兴趣。 极度的过分的过渡的
Serendipity 缘分

slippery 光滑的 the new shoes are very slippery.
bathrobe 浴衣
botanist 植物学家
thread 线
disposable 一次性的 disposable camera 一次性相机
hike 徒步旅行 I like hiking.
abide 忍受 I can not abide those ants.
adore 崇拜,爱慕 he adores...

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