Walnut structure on the influence factors of squeeze oil

Walnut structure on the influence factors of squeeze oil

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Walnut structure on the influence factors of squeeze oil:

Walnut squeeze oil depends on many factors, the effect of the main including walnut two aspects the structural and squeezing conditions.In addition, walnut refined oil equipment structure and the selection to a certain extent will also affect the effect of oil.

Walnut and sex structure refers to the mechanical structure and walnut structure inside and outside two aspects.The stand or fall of structural mainly depends on the pretreatment of walnut and walnut own composition.

1. The general requirements of walnut structure.Requires proper and consistent, walnut grain size of walnuts inside and outside of the structure of the good consistency;The number of palm oil plant (http://www.palmmill.com)complete cell in walnut as little as possible;Walnut capacity under the premise that does not affect the internal and external structure of the bigger the better.Walnut oil viscosity and surface tension to reduce as far as possible, to crush material particles have enough plasticity.

2. The factors influencing the walnut structural properties.In many press structure properties of squeeze material mechanical properties, especially the plasticity of the largest, and the effects of squeeze oil.Walnuts in the shell, oil and other conditions, roughly the same conditions, its plasticity is mainly affected by the moisture, temperature and the influence of protein denaturation.

In general, with the increase of squeeze material moisture content, its plasticity also increase gradually, when the moisture content reached a certain point, squeeze out the oil effect is best, then the moisture content is called a "optimal moisture".

In general, heating screw press (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/proc/41.html) material plasticity increases, press material cooling can reduce the plasticity.Press material not only affect the plasticity and the oil temperature effect is good or bad, or affect the quality of the oil,...

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