Walt Disney

Walt Disney







In this paper we will discuss the organizational behavior, of Disney, also known as Walt

Disney. Disney is one of the biggest organizations there is today. I am almost positive the

Disney name is known in every household throughout the country. Whether it is a Disney

movie, a Disney game or a family planning a Disney vacation. Disney has become the

best because they would offer nothing less. The Walt Disney Company started as a

cartoon studio in the 1920's and became a phenomenal global corporation by providing

entertainment for everyone around the world. Today, Walt Disney not only has many

different theme parks, but a mass amount of movies, television shows, several of their

own television channels, a radio station, a website but it also recently opened many

Disney stores around the world. We will be taking a look at the organizational behavior

concepts that I believe make this organization such a successful one

The wide variety of training and the benefits the employees reap supplement the

organizational culture of the company and show the detailed thought that went into

creating training that would benefit the massive number of employees that exist through

out the Disney Company. The intense focus that Disney puts into each employee is easily

paid back by the customer satisfaction that they maintain which keeps the theme parks

jam packed year around. Just to get an idea of what it takes to become an employee at

Disney, a prospective candidate must watch a ten-minute video about what is expected of


It also covers some of the most vital rules such as: private transportation to the park is

provided, and required, otherwise, you can not enter, they do not allow tattoos, and they

do not allow excessive jewelry and makeup, along with any piercings one may have;

facial or otherwise. At this point approximately ten percent of...

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